SIP creates hope and empowers the people of Igoma to rise out of poverty by improving their health and well-being and increasing their access to quality education.

Current and Upcoming Priorities

Our 2019-2020 goals are as follows:

  • Purchase equipment for a new minor surgery operating theatre
  • Build additional wards for patients and staff at the Urafiki Health Clinic
  • Engage the Stouffville community with opportunities to partner with us so that we can continue extending our reach through programming in health care and education
  • Expand our Canadian fundraising committee responsible for organizing and promoting events
  • Grow our child sponsorship program with 25 more sponsors
  • Support 25 more secondary schools and five more vocational students

Based on community needs identified by SIP Tanzania, we have established these medium-term priorities:

  • Obtain much-needed additional medical equipment
  • Add eye and dental clinic services
  • Provide AIDS/HIV training and compassionate assistance – recognizing that many of the illnesses treated at the Urafiki Health Clinic are secondary to the real cause, HIV/AIDS, which lowers the body’s immunity and resistance to other illnesses and viruses
  • Install three to five water purification stations in the community, which are estimated to cost between $500 and $1,000 per station
  • Provide an education facility for community health and microbusiness instruction
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